Drop boxes and roll your way to victory in this 2D Puzzle Game!

Welcome to Rollbox!
The objective of the game is to get from the start of the map to the goal using crates dropped by the player. This 2D puzzle game was inspired by the classic flash era and is intended for all ages. Rollbox was created over the course of  Major Studio Spring by Ethan Zarov, Justin Vo, Santiago Fernandez, Taiyo Baniecki, Leo Wang, and Taylor Bruce. The original mechanic is based off of the prototype Rolling by IvoryX. Special thanks to Jordan Grayson for being apart of the original demo team!


LMB to drop crates
LMB over crates to delete them
R (Or in-game restart button) to restart the level
H (Or in-game home button) to return to menu

Creator Links:

Ethan Zarov:

Justin Vo:

Santiago Fernandez:

Taiyo Baniecki:

Leo Wang:

Taylor Bruce:

Jordan Grayson:


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Really nice design and well polished. Big stuff especially in the animation, level design and audio departments


Thanks! I'm quite happy with how the music ended up, and glad you liked the game :)



Thanks! Glad you enjoyed.