A nice, chill beach trip. Click around to interact.

Made in one week given the constraint that must create some sort of virtual pet. I had hermit crabs as kids, and figured I'd pay tribute to them :)

Spawn Sand/Water: Shift + Left/Right Click

Remove Sand/Water: F + Left/Right Click

All art, music, sfx, made by me, a plastic ball, and a sink (idk it was fun)

Rated 4.2 out of 5 stars
(21 total ratings)
AuthorEthan Zarov
Made withUnity
TagsAnimals, Casual, Cute, Sandbox, Virtual Pet
Average sessionA few seconds


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i like the ragdoll

what ragdoll bro



i love the game after my dad died this is all ive been playing

I'm sorry to hear that, I hope you are doing well


why u writing it in all caps? you leave'd your caps lock on or smth?

yeah I did

Sorry to hear that man I hope you feel better now


i only have the sand and the crab. how do i get the water and the fish that people are talking about?

shift+right click spawns water and a fish and shift+left click spawns sand

i somehow get ball out of boundaries 





cool game but needs a bit more updates.


also besides that it's really nice



So relaxing, I love it! <3 The music is great!


I think that this prototype you made is amazing Ethan! I find it so cool that you the player are creating the sandbox world for your pet to play in. It all feels really good to play too, it kind of makes you feel like your playing God which is a super interesting take on a virtual pet game. I do however wish that there was a little more interaction with the hermit crab but otherwise solid game!

This is truly just incredible. The sand and water physics alone are a pure joy to play with and amazingly well executed given the time we had (thank you so much for posting that tutorial below, I've been wondering how Noita did it!). But then on top of that you have the crab, the fish and the ball, which all have unique characteristics based on what material their in, plus the nice little emojis. And then you have some beautifully chill music and background, special shout outs being to those chill clouds and smoke particles. This is a really unique take on the pet game prompt given you don't technically have direct interactions with the pets. But getting to see how they react to water and sand led to me actually playing with them like a pet! I really am just blown away by this, so again, incredible work.

bellisimo complimenti al creatore

grazie :)

Woah! This is awesome!!! Amazing job with the atmosphere, Ethan. The music, visuals, sound effects, and gameplay are all top notch! You're a one man game development machine!! The only thing I would say is I wish there were more things to spawn, like a bucket, or maybe you can make a sandcastle or something like that. But what we've got here is plenty, fantastic job!

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What immediately caught my eye is the art style. Heck, even the itch.io page looks like a charm. From the critical side, I'm sorry that I broke your game. If you keep spawning sand and push the crab to the border of the screen, the crab will eventually fall down to the very bottom. I'm not sure this is intentional or a bug.

Ok, here comes the good side. Which is everything! I so want to download this game, as Kirijo suggested, and use it as a wallpaper! I remembered I played something similar on a mobile device once, I couldn't remember the name of that game, but the general idea is the same, and heck, I couldn't figure out how the algorithms are written. Did you use a certain customized program or is this the particle system w/ physics? - Frank

The system is called Cellular Automata, sort of like that Game of Life thing, only instead of each pixel moving/cloning/despawning based on its surrounding pixels, it moves to a new position on the grid based on its surrounding pixels and its material type. There was a really good tutorial about it:

From there it just makes colliders and buoyancy areas based on the pixels so that the ball and fish can bounce and float :)

This is absolutely amazing! Thanks for sharing :)))

I love this so much, it's so soothing to have open and just watch. I love this... crab? I think it's a crab, it's like a cyborg crab I believe. I love all the little emotes it has. Also beachball and the water textures are... tres bien. Lol. I could see this being a great screensaver or desktop background. I love this little crab so much. I love its little emotes. The way you have it as a pet game but we aren't directly interacting with the crab is also very good, feels Fresh.

My only critique is I wish that there were sounds when spawning/despawning the sound and water.

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+ this game is gorgeous!

+ the atmosphere is so thick, with the music, sunset background and the distant buildings, the slightly shifting clouds and the peaceful playground all contributes to a very unifying and satisfying experience.

+ like how the sand and water are done, the water shifts colors slightly and gradully, the animal choices are very good, all the elements in the game are slow, neutral, and meditative. If there is one more thing I would love are slight waves that slowly push the ball back and forth.

+ yet it creates a lively picture, the hermit crab will float when curls up, one fish that keeps it companied, and a ball that adds some excitment

+ The counter for bouncing the ball is also a really nice surprise