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Press E to Eat.

Models from PolyPerfect Animals Pack, Echolocation Shader modified from ProfessorOakie's code to support what I needed. (links below)


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This game is such an interesting concept on the jam. I really like the use of other senses to visualize placement, as it's not something that we as humans do. It definitely went a long way in helping my brain take on the perspective of another non-human being, and did so very well. I would say though that having more specific controls identified and understanding how to use them would have helped a lot, because I had some trouble figuring out how to actually eat things.

Wow, this is an amazing sensory experience. In terms of "non human perspective," I found myself stumped in realizing the legitimate perspective of the thing I whose perspective I was representing through visual signals instead of mechanical inputs. This recognizes the visual signals I think perfectly. You have a very strong taste and even more important, you have the ability to realize the taste in reality.

Critique: This seems more like an audio-visual experience that would be a part of a Bjork or Arca music video or something, so it seems like the player input is almost secondary to the experience. There is the feeling of confusion and trapped ness that I am experiencing from the suffocating darkness of the world, and I can tell this is purposeful and does interact with player input, but in reality I struggle a bit to understand what I am doing and if it makes any impact on the "game state." I guess, you need to reflect and think, "is there a game state in this work?" "Do I want ludology to impact user experience?"