Each step must swap one letter from the previous word: DOG -> DOT ->TON -> TOO ->TWO

Hold H for Help in Menu

The whole game uses keyboard, no mouse required. 

Saw that the dictionary file was provided and knew I wanted to do something with it.

Leaderboard made with dreamlo.com servers


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This game is super cool, and the leaderboards are awesome. The mechanic is so juicy and elegant, i could definitely imagine this as a phone game. I really do wish there was mouse input though, the buttons kept confusing me. 

This game is super fun! It was challenging at first, but once you get into it, you're able to come up with words a lot quicker, making this a very rewarding game. The presentation is clean and simple which works well with what this game is going for. I also REALLY love the fact that there is a leaderboard--it made me want to come back and play again and again. 

I think one minor thing I'd appreciate is if the entire slot would reset after you enter an incorrect word. The way it is now, you'd have to go back and erase all of the letters yourself. I think it might be more convenient if the entire word was just erased so you can type all of the letters all over again instead. Also, some sound effects for various things could definitely make this game feel more satisfying! 

Overall though, I really enjoyed everything! It was a very fun game :)

Very clever mechanic based on the dictionary; it's elegant and challenging. My personal preference would be for there to exist a mode without any time limits, because I can barely come up with many words in 60 seconds(although there are rng factors involved, since the first word can decide the difficulty).

This is a really fun concept, and I appreciate the use of the dictionary! i cant seem to get past third, just not quick enough I guess.  My main critique is that the timer starts immediately when you load into the stage. I understand that waiting for input would allow someont to think of the perfect line of strings, but perhaps a short 3 second timer so that you have time to think of a first word? As always it looks polished and sleek, I really like this and could see myself continuing to play it over and over.